Managed Futures

Managed futures is an exciting and dynamic asset class that has taken the investment world by storm. Professional traders known as Commodity Trading Advisors, (CTAs) invest client assets on a discretionary basis utilizing the futures marketplace. Flexibility in investment strategy, combined with a diverse market offerings make CTA programs a fantastic alternative to traditional asset classes. Blend historically non-correlated performance, unique performance based compensation and unparalleled transparency and you have a powerful investment suited for a volatile and unprecedented market environment.

Great Pacific has hand selected top performing managers whose risk management meet our strict standards for client investment. Our due diligence process is thorough and ensures that each GPTC investor has a partner that fully understands the investment and risk methods employed by each manager.

Beyond traditional allocations, Great Pacific has pioneered the use of Multiple Manager Portfolios. Using a propriety matrix that measures CTA correlation, GPTC’s Alternative Investment division will create a custom investment vehicle to meet each client’s risk and reward expectations. By implementing this strategy we add further diversity to an investor’s portfolio while historically lower overall asset risk.

10 Reasons to Add Managed Futures to Your Portfolio How to Add Managed Futures to Your Portfolio