Leveraging Social Media to get back MF Global Client Money

Written By: Sean McGillivray

This afternoon’s Commodity Customer Coalition (#CCC) conference call gave members a short update on the ongoing legal battle, details on the claims process and unveiled a twitter based media strategy.

Due to privilege please call me for specific details on our legal strategy moving forward. I believe the #CCC has a very clear plan to get your remaining 28% returned to you as soon as practical. An interesting public call to action by the #CCC is a full banking boycott of JP Morgan. JPM has been trying to put their interest in front of MF Global clients from day one.

There are now three separate Q&A’s for the claim forms available for you to review. Here are links to download each:

Commodity Customers Coalition

CME Group

MF Global Bankruptcy Trustee

If you have specific questions please email the Trustee directly at giddens@hugheshubbard.com and CC info@typhoncap.com.

The #CCC would like to encourage ALL former MF Global customers to actively join our Twitter campaign to raise public awareness. Almost all members of Congress actively use Twitter. Use the following hashtags when tweeting about MF Global:


Lastly, we have received a tremendous number of emails/phone calls from clients stating they have not received any RJO email statements. We will be looking into this problem with RJO. I will address this later in the week when I have a “bulk” fix.






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